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Confidence Building Courses with team BOP

10 - Feb - 2015

For quality confidence building and public speaking courses you can trust...


Presentation Skills Training

Welcome to Our Website

When you're looking for confidence building courses in London, please consider getting in touch with the team at BOP as your first port of call. We provide innovative training courses for anyone involved in the act of communication, or wanting a route by which they can increase their personal impact. All training is delivered in an enjoyable and effective manner. We cover the UK, Europe, America, Asia and many other countries.

Communication Skills Courses

Founder Peter Stephens is a professional actor who has a varied career which has encompassed a broad range of work, whilst our co-founder Toby Wisher was a former Artistic Director of the Trestle Theatre Company; Europe's visual and physical theatre group. We provide innovative training courses for anyone involved in communication within the public sphere, focusing on speaking and presentation skills. BOP draws on the presentation excellence and communication expertise of theatre which is delivered in a thought provoking, interactive and effective way. BOP provides one to one training, public training courses, and corporate courses. We recognise and endorse the maxim that 'people buy people', and we work towards making the 'you' more palatable.

Public Speaking Course London

team BOP offers cutting edge training that draws on the undoubted communication skills of theatre practices to create your development in an interactive experience. A high level of theatrical background blended with senior management expertise has enabled the team to create ground breaking and instructive programmes which helped us to win the People Development Award for 2010/2011.We also sell a full set of 3 hours worth of training videos for only £99.00. The videos are light-hearted, with film clips and illustrations, giving the viewer the opportunity to work on themselves in the comfort of the own space and pace. The 8 videos can be downloaded into your hard drive, your iPod or your iPhone and can also be sent on DVD on request. team BOP has over 40 years experience within the communications field, so you can rest assured that you'll be in safe and competent hands if you choose to use our services.

Contact Us

Please call us on 0800 327 7036 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of the team. You can also email us at Alternatively, if you have any queries or questions, you can submit them to us by filling in a form on the 'Contact Us' section of this website, and we'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Please check out our main website at , or follow the pages on the 'External Links' section of this website to find out more about our products and services. We look forward to hearing you and being able to help you.

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